Monthly Archives: December 2013


As a very busy 2013 draws to a close we take a backwards look at where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and where we’re headed in the upcoming New Year.

This year has proved to be a whirlwind of change, expansion, and growth for Gear Connection as an organization.  As you may already know, we launched a complete re-branding campaign that not only included a new logo and collateral materials, but also a new interactive website and social media integration.  Our constantly growing equipment inventory has been enhanced with many new additions with particular focus on expansion in HD & Broadcast Video capabilities.  And as of the date of this Newsletter, we have successfully completed over 120 events for the year, being privileged once again to provide our technical services for a wide range of clients, performers, dignitaries, and VIP’s. 

We’ve had a fantastic season of musical shows.  From intimate performances with LeAnn Rimes and Kristin Chenoweth, to massive outdoor festivals with the likes of Maclemore & Lewis, Travis Barker, Brett Michaels, Rehab, & Jason Derulo.  In addition, we were a part of many high profile events that featured political figures like Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton, General David Petraeus, and Pres. Vicente Fox.  Our ever-growing Corporate and Institutional clients also relied heavily on us this year as the size and scope of many recurring events grew and allowed for expansion into new and exciting technologies.

Looking forward to 2014 we are poised to continue and expand our role as a premier full service technical event production company in Southern California by maintaining our focus on pre-production planning and heavy client involvement in the execution of an event or concert.  And while the basic focus for Gear Connection was (and still is) providing state-of-the-art audio services, we as a company plan to continue expanding by also providing full lighting, video, and staging services.

We greatly value our relationships with our clients and appreciate sincerely that you’ve made us your “Go-To” source for Audio, Video and Lighting.  If you have any upcoming production needs before the end of the year please reach out and let us know how we can help.  The Gear Connection team wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season.  See you in 2014!


On November 13th, 2013, the second annual gathering of the Widney Society brought together some 350 donors and guests on the campus of the University of Southern California.  During an evening of celebration, the Trojan Family thanked the members of this most generous philanthropic group for their unwavering dedication to building the future of the University of Southern California.

The gala featured a key note speech by USC President C. L. Max Nikias, who emphasized the enormous strides the University has made throughout its history, from its inception in 1880, its growth as an academic powerhouse under each successive presidency, to the ambitious launch of the $6 billion Campaign for USC that was announced three years ago. The evening’s festivities were capped off with a surprise performance by Kristin Chenoweth who was accompanied by a symphony orchestra comprised of USC Thornton School of Music students and Conducted by Phoenix Delgado

Gear Connection deployed a Meyer M’elodie compact line array system in (5) 4-box clusters throughout the space to provide the necessary sound reinforcement.  With over (80) inputs from the stage, this show required the use of dual Yamaha Digital consoles, as well as two sets of audio snakes.  Monitoring for the performers was handled through (16) JBL VRX915M’s on (10) discreet mixes, with (6) Channels of Shure PSM900 In Ear Monitor systems providing additional support. 

To achieve the desired “Big Sound” worthy of the performance, every instrument was mic’d individually with particular attention applied to the (20) piece string section.  DPA 4061, 4066, and 4099 microphones, also known as “String Buds”, provided accurate and clear reproduction of the instruments.  A large variety of condenser microphones from AKG and Shure were used on the rest of the orchestra, and dual Schoeps CCM’s handled the podium duties for speeches.  Miss Chenoweth used a Gear Connection supplied Shure UHFR+ system with a KSM9 capsule for her vocals.

Gear Connection’s Toby Tittle handled the mixing duties at Front of House, while veteran Monitor engineer Mauricio Lopez provided the necessary mixes on stage.  By all measure of standard the event was a huge success, and the Gear Connection team received much praise for providing superior audio quality in the acoustically challenging environment.


The DT-PRO5200 Goliath Studio stand is the new standard of the industry in terms of safety and quality.  A “ready to use” reliable and maintenance free product, each section is automatically secured providing excellent stability without any cables or winches that often tend to fail.  These new stands feature an ingenious direct drive, rack and pinion design which offers greater lifting power and a lighter weight along with fewer maintenance issues.  Despite being made with light weight aluminum components, the DT Goliath-Studio stands are capable of some very heavy lifting and can lift up to 5 meters, an impressive and unique achievement for any stand in this weight class. These hard working stands also offer an unprecedented level of safety, thanks to their special auto break system.