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Grass Valley Turbo IDDR Playback System


  • A multi-channel digital video recorder that allows simultaneous record and playback of media stored on internal disk drives
  • The Turbo iDDR features a single record channel (R1) and two play channels (P1/P2)
  • Hours of storage depends on the video compression settings selected
  • The front panel touch screen and TFT display along with front panel transport controls allow easy operation and monitoring with minimal external connections
  • The iDDR also provides a built in digital disk recorder application, AppCenter Workstation, available when you connect a keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor to the iDDR rear panel
  • The Workstation application provides a graphical user interface to handle all essential tasks provided in front panel mode and more
  • Dimensions: 5.2″H x 16.75″W x 20.27″D
  • Weight: 27.75 lbs.