What if the equipment I’m renting doesn’t work when I get to my event?

We go to great lengths to maintain our rental equipment by routinely servicing and cleaning everything, as well as stocking only commercial grade gear.  In addition, we thoroughly test and check your equipment prior to your arrival at our rental counter, and again in your presence prior to releasing it to you.  Because of this, the odds of you leaving our facility with a piece of equipment that is not functioning properly is 0%. 

However, electronics, light bulbs, and other mechanical items, all have an unpredictable rate of failure.  While highly unlikely, it is possible that a piece of equipment will cease to function properly after leaving our shop and seemingly without cause.  In the event that you experience an unexplainable equipment malfunction, we offer free 24-hour tech support that can be reached by dialing our main office number at (714) 593-9861 and following the system prompts.  We will do our absolute best to remedy the situation if it is humanly possible. 

NOTE: In matters of emergency, chances of satisfactory resolution are directly proportional to how much time we have to deal with your problem.  We advise you that if possible, try to set-up your equipment as soon after leaving our shop as feasible rather than waiting to the last possible moment before your event starts.  Discovering malfunctions early, allows us to take more time in troubleshooting over the phone, and also provides for the possibility of having a replacement piece of gear brought out to you.