What is the return procedure?

When you return your equipment, we will thoroughly check all of the gear for proper function and/or missing items in your presence. The time necessary for this process depends on how much equipment you rented, but we promise to go through it as quickly as possible and get you on your way quickly.  It is imperative that you, or your representative, are present at check-in to insure the validity and accuracy of our findings. 

Any damages to the equipment, either functional or cosmetic will be shown to you and must be paid for immediately. Charges will depend on specific damages, but shall never exceed the full retail value of whatever equipment is damaged.

If any equipment, parts, cables, or accessories are missing, you will be charged for the full retail value of any/all items immediately.  If you are able to find and return anything missing to our office within 1-week of your original return date, we will issue a full refund.  Anything longer than a week means you own it! 

NOTE: We expect our equipment to be retuned in the same condition as you received it, if there is excessive dirt, improperly wound cables, or just a general mess, you will be a charged a cleaning & restoration fee depending on what is needed in order to return the equipment to its original state.