Will you show me how to set-up & use the equipment I’m renting?

Yes.  All rental equipment, regardless of size and scope, is set-up and tested prior to your scheduled rental date/time.  We will always walk you through every single component of your rental equipment/package, show you how to use it, set-it up, and break it down, as well as answer any of your questions.  We will make absolutely certain that you are completely comfortable with how to use your equipment and that it is in 100% working order prior to leaving our shop.  Once that process is completed, our helpful staff will even assist you in loading your gear into your vehicle. 

NOTE: Even if you are a full time A/V professional and know how to use every piece of gear in the world (even better than us), it is mandatory that you are present to receive a quick run down on the equipment before taking possession.  This is done so there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that the gear we’re giving you is in 100% working condition.  Please make sure to allow a little extra time in your schedule to go through this process as no exceptions will not be to our policy. We follow our procedure in order to insure the quality of your and our experience at Gear Connection.