Q: Where are you guys located?

We are located at: 15000 S. Avalon Blvd., Ste. A, Gardena CA 90248

Q: Who do I contact for possible employment opportunities with Gear Connection?

As a rapidly growing company we’re always interested in expanding our team.  While there may or may not be immediate full time positions open, we are constantly looking for highly qualified and trained people to add to our roster of freelance crew.  Please submit your resume along with any pertinent information to: jobs@

Q: Can you be on-site to oversee/operate the equipment for the duration of my event?

If your technical needs are too complex to do it yourself, Gear Connection offers complete, turn-key, event production services.  We can do everything from concept design, logistics planning, and venue coordination, to getting the equipment and crew to your venue, installing the gear, operating all facets of the show, and completely removing all of our assets after the show.  Please take a look at the various types of events we specialize in as well as samples of our work here, (insert link to production services here)  and contact one of our production managers for a quote.  

Q: Do you deliver/pick-up and set-up the equipment?

We can deliver and/or pickup any equipment that you rent, if necessary.  We offer curbside drop-off/pick-up, as wells the additional service of setting the equipment up and breaking it down.  These additional/optional services are billed in addition to whatever you rental charges are.  Cost for these services depend on the amount and type of equipment, the location of pickup/drop-off, and the schedule.  If you’re interested in getting a quote for these additional services please call our office or fill out our quick quote form (insert link to quick quote form here)  

Q: What is the return procedure?

When you return your equipment, we will thoroughly check all of the gear for proper function and/or missing items in your presence. The time necessary for this process depends on how much equipment you rented, but we promise to go through it as quickly as possible and get you on your way quickly.  It is imperative that you, or your representative, are present at check-in to insure the validity and accuracy of our findings.  Any damages to the equipment, either functional or cosmetic will be shown to you and must be paid for immediately. Charges will depend on specific damages, but shall never exceed the full retail value of whatever equipment is damaged. If any equipment, parts, cables, or accessories are missing, you will be charged for the full retail value of any/all items immediately.  If you are able to find and return anything missing to our office within 1-week of your original return date, we will issue a full refund.  Anything longer than a week means you own it!  NOTE: We expect our equipment to be retuned in the same condition as you received it, if there is excessive dirt, improperly wound cables, or just a general mess, you will be a charged a cleaning & restoration fee depending on what is needed in order to return the equipment to its original state.

Q: When does the rental equipment have to be returned?

Rentals need to be returned by no later than 1pm on the return date you specify when you sign the Rental Contract.  If you know that you cannot make it back by 1pm, or are running late that day, please either arrange a later return time when picking-up, or call us to advise that you will be late.  As long as you have either made arrangements in advance, or call us to inform us of any special circumstances, and return at some point before the end of business that day, you will not be charged late fees.  Failure to make arrangements and/or communication regarding your status will automatically result in late fees.  Late fees are billed at 50% of the 1-Day rental rate for every day the equipment is not returned. If you wish to extend your rental beyond your original Contract return date, you MUST call our office and inform us of the new return date, as well as make arrangements to pay for all additional rental charges.  Additional rental days beyond your original Contract return date are billed at 50% of the 1-Day rental rate for every day the equipment is out.  

Q: What if the equipment I’m renting doesn’t work when I get to my event?

We go to great lengths to maintain our rental equipment by routinely servicing and cleaning everything, as well as stocking only commercial grade gear.  In addition, we thoroughly test and check your equipment prior to your arrival at our rental counter, and again in your presence prior to releasing it to you.  Because of this, the odds of you leaving our facility with a piece of equipment that is not functioning properly is 0%.  However, electronics, light bulbs, and other mechanical items, all have an unpredictable rate of failure.  While highly unlikely, it is possible that a piece of equipment will cease to function properly after leaving our shop and seemingly without cause.  In the event that you experience an unexplainable equipment malfunction, we offer free 24-hour tech support that can be reached by dialing our main office number at (714) 593-9861 and following the system prompts.  We will do our absolute best to remedy the situation if it is humanly possible.  NOTE: In matters of emergency, chances of satisfactory resolution are directly proportional to how much time we have to deal with your problem.  We advise you that if possible, try to set-up your equipment as soon after leaving our shop as feasible rather than waiting to the last possible moment before your event starts.  Discovering malfunctions early, allows us to take more time in troubleshooting over the phone, and also provides for the possibility of having a replacement piece of gear brought out to you.

Q: Will you show me how to set-up & use the equipment I’m renting?

Yes.  All rental equipment, regardless of size and scope, is set-up and tested prior to your scheduled rental date/time.  We will always walk you through every single component of your rental equipment/package, show you how to use it, set-it up, and break it down, as well as answer any of your questions.  We will make absolutely certain that you are completely comfortable with how to use your equipment and that it is in 100% working order prior to leaving our shop.  Once that process is completed, our helpful staff will even assist you in loading your gear into your vehicle.  NOTE: Even if you are a full time A/V professional and know how to use every piece of gear in the world (even better than us), it is mandatory that you are present to receive a quick run down on the equipment before taking possession.  This is done so there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that the gear we’re giving you is in 100% working condition.  Please make sure to allow a little extra time in your schedule to go through this process as no exceptions will not be to our policy. We follow our procedure in order to insure the quality of your and our experience at Gear Connection.  

Q: Can I send someone else to pick-up/drop-off the equipment?

If the rental has already been paid for and all of the rental paperwork completed, it is possible for the renter to send his/her representative to pick up their equipment.  The person picking up must be at least 18 years old and present a valid California Driver’s license at the time of pick-up. Anyone can return the equipment on behalf of the renter, no paperwork is required to return.  Proper return procedure will still be followed and the person returning the equipment will be subject to remaining on the premises until all equipment is tested and checked in, to insure that there are no damages or missing items.

Q: Can I pay by check?

We are not able to accept personal checks for payment or security deposit on a rental.  Arrangements can be made in advance for payment via corporate or institutional check, but require approval from management. Please consult your rental representative on the proper procedure for pre-approval.

Q: Can I pay over the phone using my credit card?

No. We are not able to process credit cards payments over the phone.  If you cannot be present at the time of equipment pickup and wish to make payment remotely, we can email or fax you a credit card authorization form which you can fill out and either email or fax back to us in order to process the necessary transaction.  The form must contain the correct billing address for the card, the security code on the card, and be signed by the cardholder.  We cannot process any transaction without the above verification, and therefore cannot release the rental with out it.