Q: What if I need the equipment for multiple days?

All rental prices are based on a one-day rate.  If you need the equipment for multiple days, the price is 50% of the one-day price for each additional day, and Sunday are always FREE.  So for example, a JBL EON powered speaker’s one-day rate is $40+tax, if you rented a JBL Eon powered speaker on Friday and returned on the following Monday, your price would be $60+tax.  This formula works out to a 3-Day Week, so if you pick up the same EON above on Monday and returned it on the following Monday, your price would be $120 + tax.

Q: How much is the security deposit?

We do not charge anything, or place any holds, on your credit card for security deposit.  We simply take an imprint of your card, have you sign it, and keep it on file for the duration of your rental.  In the event that there are any damages, late fees, or missing items, this document authorizes us to charge the appropriate amount to your card.  If the equipment is returned on time, without damages or missing items, we will return the credit card slip to you with out any charges.  NOTE: If you are providing your credit card to us as security deposit on behalf of someone else’s rental, please be sure to understand that you will be held financially responsible for any issues that arise from the rental.  This is a legally binding contract and providing security deposit on behalf of someone else should be considered as a serious and legal obligation.

Q: It is my first time renting from you. What do you need from me?

When you come in to pick up your equipment, we will need to set-up a new customer file for you. Please allow approximately 20 minutes to complete and process your paperwork once you arrive at our rental counter. First time renters are required to bring 3 things with them when picking up equipment: 1) A valid California Driver’s License (YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD) 2) A valid Major Credit Card for Security Deposit purposes (CARDHOLDER MUST BE PRESENT) 3) Proof of address (i.e. a utility bill, piece of mail, virtually anything current that has both your name and current address on it)

Q: Is my reservation guaranteed?

Yes, once we make a reservation for you, the equipment reserved is removed from our available inventory and is held exclusively for you.  We guarantee that if you make a reservation we will always have your order prepped and ready to go at the time and date we agreed upon.  From time to time we may experience conflicts in availability, if this should arise, we will always do our best to substitute and/or upgrade your rental equipment at no extra cost.  Any and all equipment substitutions will be discussed and communicated to you prior to your rental pick-up date/time.  We maintain our promise to you as our client, that we will always give our utmost care and concern for the well being of your event, regardless of size or scope.  

Q: How far in advance do I have to make my reservation?

All of our rentals are handled on a first come, first serve basis.  Reservations are suggested, but not required, because we have a large inventory of rental equipment and can usually accommodate most last minute requests, or walk-ins.  However, the benefits of a reservation are the following: 1. We can guarantee we’ll have what you need when you need it.  2. It will be prepped and / or tested before you arrive.  3. You will spend less time waiting here in our shop to get what you need!

Q: How do I make a reservation?

Making a reservation is as easy as giving us a call & talking to a technician, or filling out and submitting our online reservation from (Insert link here). With the exception of rentals taking place on Halloween and New Year’s Eve, no monetary deposit is required to make a reservation. (Halloween and NYE rentals are always pre-paid in full at the time the reservation is made, and are non-refundable.)  All we need is your name, phone number, the equipment you wish to rent, and your pick-up/return dates.  We ask that if your needs change after making your equipment reservation, you give us a courtesy call to cancel so that we can make the equipment available to other clients.   

Q: My event is happening outside of your business hours. Is there an emergency number I can call if I need assistance?

If you call our office line outside normal business hours, our Automated Call System will give you an option to contact a 24-hour on call emergency technician who can walk you through your equipment-related problem(s).  This option is available exclusively to our customers.  Your access code can be found on your receipt.  NOTE: If you have an emergency need for equipment while our offices are closed, you can contact our 24-hour tech support to see if it’s possible to open the shop for you.  You will be charged a fee of $150 this service, which will be added to your rental bill.  

Q: I’m having an event and need A/V equipment but I don’t really know what I should ask for?

That’s not a problem!  At Gear Connection we are well versed to deal with every type of client, from the most seasoned professional event producers, to the weekend warriors, and we have the technical event experience to ask all the right questions and a wide variety of equipment with which to meet the simplest or most complex of applications.  Please call our knowledgeable rental professionals to discuss your event needs and let us custom tailor an equipment package perfect for you, or fill out our quick contact form and we will reach out to you at your convenience. 

Q: When I call your office during business hours why do I get your answering machine?

We utilize an Automated Call System that answers every incoming call and routes it to the appropriate extension.  Please take the time to listen to all of the available menu options, as you will be presented with an option to reach an available technician in the shop during normal business hours.  

Q: What are your hours?

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm, Sunday – CLOSED