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Please briefly describe what kind of event you are having:

(i.e.: Company Meeting, Press Conference, Concert, etc.)

Date & schedule of show:

(If a multi-day event please provide schedule for all show days)

Please attach a program or schedule if one is available (run of show/script):

(File size not to exceed 5MB)

How many people will be in attendance?


Name, address, and location of venue:

Is the event indoors or outdoors?

Venue size:

Is electricity available?

(Specifics if any)

Do you require a generator?

Does the venue require an 'electrical permit' for the generator?

Will the event require a redundant back-up generator?

Is Internet and Wi-Fi available?

Describe what the ambient room lighting is like:

(e.g.:Bright/Dim, Lots of Windows, etc.)

Is a dance floor available?

(If so, what are the dimensions?)

Is there a stage?

(If so, please list the dimensions)

Is the venue available for a walk-through?

(If so, please list the best date and time)

Please provide name and phone / email for venue contact person:

Date and time venue is available for set-up:


Date and time ALL production assets must be removed from venue by:


Does the venue have security?

If not, will security be provided by client?

What sort of truck access does the venue have?

(i.e.:ramp, dock, or curbside access)

Is there truck and or crew vehicle parking available?

Does the venue have any heavy lifting equipment?

(i.e.:Scissor Lifts, Fork Lifts, etc.)

Does the venue have the capability to rig equipment from the ceiling?

(i.e.:Rigging Points)

Please attach any photos, diagrams, layouts and seating charts you may have:

(File size not to exceed 5MB)



Will there be any speeches or presentations?

Do you need a podium?

Do you need a podium microphone?

Do you need handheld wireless microphones? If so, how many?

Do you need lapel wireless microphones? If so, how many?

Do you need lapel headset wireless microphones? If so, how many?

Do you need Q & A microphones?
(wireless / stationary available)

Do you need a Master of Ceremonies (MC) Microphone?

Do you need an off-stage (VOG) announcement microphone?

Do you need the audio portion of the program recorded?

Will you need audio distribution for press purposes?

How many channels of press feed?

Will there be music?

Please check all that apply:

Any performers or bands?
(If yes, please provide a brief description)


Are there any video elements in the program?

How many screens or projectors will be necessary?

What size screen(s)?

What size projector?

Will you require HD (High Definition 1080p)?

What kind of projection would you like?

Aspect ratio:

Do you require flat panel displays?
(Such as TV’s or Monitors)

If so, how many?

What size would be ideal?

Do you require a confidence monitor for the presenter?

If so, how many?

What size would be ideal?

What is the source and format of your video content?

If computer based, is it PC or Mac?

Will you provide computer(s) or do you need us to?

Will video content be sent to GC in advance?
If so, when?

Do you require image magnification?

How many cameras will be required?

What will be the camera positions?
(stationary or roaming?)

Will you need the content recorded?

If so, what kind of video recording?
(What format and media would you like for the recording to be delivered on?)

Is there a need for live video streaming (webcast)?


Will there be any lighting elements in the program?

Do you need a stage wash?
(White or Color)

Do you need any specials?
(i.e., podium, artist, etc.)

Do you require any moving lights or dance floor lighting?

Do you require up-lighting of walls and/or architectural elements?

Do you require pin-spotting of tables or centerpieces?

Do you require any area or ambient lighting?

If yes, please explain.

Do you require any special effects?
(i.e., fog, haze, lasers, etc.)

If yes, please explain:

Are there specific lighting cues that must be addressed?

If yes, please explain:

Do you have preference for LED vs. conventional lighting fixtures?

Do you require or have a preference for lighting structure?
(i.e., truss, pipe, crank stands, or tripods)

If using truss, do you want us to use LED truss-warmers?

Do you require truss and pipes to be covered? If so, what color?


Will you need a drapery?

If so, what color?

What would the dimensions be?
(include height)

Will you need a stage?

What would the dimensions of the stage be? (include height)

Number of stair units?

Any additional risers?

Will the stage need to be skirted?

Will you need a stage roof?
(i.e., Truss Grid)

Will the stage need to have a sun shade or be rain proof?

What are the ideal dimensions?
(include height)

Will you need a tele-prompter?

Will you need any props, décor, or scenic elements?

Will you need any communications equipment?

Will you need a hardwired Clear-Com?
(# of drops)

Will you need a wireless Clear-Com?
(# of drops)

Will you need two-way Motorola handheld radios?
If so, how many?

Do you need ear-pieces for the radios?

Will you need any banners hung?

Will you need us to provide backline equipment for the artists?
(i.e., pianos, keyboards, drum sets, guitar amps, etc.)

Will you need us to provide crash barricade?
If so, what would the dimensions need to be?


What is your budget?


Name *

Email *

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