Salute To Troy @ USC

The annual USC football season kickoff BBQ – “Salute to Troy”, is held in August at Cromwell Field on campus. Trojan fans are invited to partake in the celebration of USC’s Football Tradition, the introduction of the current team, as well as tributes to the 50th and 25th anniversary teams. Fans get to meet the players, take pictures with them and collect autographs. The Spirit of Troy Trojan Marching Band performs with appearances by the Song Girls and Traveler.

Gear Connection provides a suspended EAW Main Sound system complimented with JBL VRX distributed speaker clusters controlled by an AVID SC48 digital mixing console. On stage monitors, as well as monitors for the band, are JBL SRX712M’s powered by QSC Amps, and Shure UHFR+ wireless Microphones are used for the Announcers, Coaches, and Players.

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