Widney Society Gala

The inaugural gathering of the Widney Society brought together some 350 donors and guests. The gala dinner took place, fittingly, outside Widney Alumni House, the university’s original building, with a program celebrating the five attributes of the ideal Trojan — as well as a special performance by Gladys Knight.

Through the use of a Meyer Melodie array, Yamaha PM5D Digital Consoles, and a JBL stage monitor rig, Gear Connection was able to provide a unique blend of proper Audio coverage with an unobtrusive aesthetic integrity worthy of the setting. Additionally, Gear Connection was tasked with the responsibility of providing an effective communication solution for the entire production team. This was successfully achieved through the use of our ClearCom Tempest 2400 wireless package in conjuction with (20) ClearCom hardwired drops.

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